CiviCRM Recurring Events and Activities

Parvez Saleh

Many organisations deal with recurring events such as courses, weekly clubs/groups and so on. While Civi deals well with one-off events, it can't easily handle recurring events. The core of this feature is the ability to handle more complex events. The overarching term ‘recurring events’ includes several different scenarios:

  • An event with multiple sessions such as a 10 week training course for which someone registers only once
  • A genuinely recurring event – like a youth club, class or our running club. Set it up once and it can run each week or you can block out times (eg no class in the school holidays)

  • A repeating event - such as a thank you event for donors which runs on 3 different evenings and people choose to attend just one

  • A repeating activity - for those who dont want to manage recurring events but to want to record recurring activities such as meeting attendance on a regular basis

This campaign will also enable organisations to record attendance for their Civi groups. Groups are a key indicator of engagement for many organisations and tracking their attendance opens up many possibilities. Reporting may indicate which groups are thriving; which leaders are effective; which marketing campaign has been successful and so on. 

We'll also explore the possibilties that recurring activtiies bring to the CiviCRM world.

Thanks to funding from Zing the dream is now a reality, we'll be covering how you can manage your recurring event from within CiviCRM.

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Recurring events and Activities using CiviCRM
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