Progressive Technology Project

The Progressive Technology Project (PTP) is committed to building the capacity of grassroots social justice organizations made up of low-income, people of color, immigrant, and/or other marginalized constituencies across the country. Since 1998, we’ve worked specifically with organizations striving to achieve social, economic, and environmental justice to build power in order to improve conditions for themselves. We exist to help these groups and the constituencies they serve do their work better—more efficiently and effectively—so they more often win the changes they’re fighting for. We do that by helping groups strengthen their capacity—infrastructure, skills, understanding, and practice—to integrate proven technologies into the daily life of their organizations.

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PTP continues to sponsor CiviCON because we see these conferences as informative and strategic spaces for all of us to share our innovations, challenges, successes, and ideas that will move our work and the work of the CiviCRM community in supporting the organizations and communities we care about.