Ginkgo Street Labs

Founded in 2008, Ginkgo Street Labs came about from a desire to provide the right solutions to the right people. After working and volunteering in numerous nonprofit and advocacy organizations, we realized we could help more people by setting up our own shop.

Our technology philosophy is human-centric. People power is key to advancing the causes of nonprofit and advocacy organizations; technology should empower individuals rather than attempt to replace or de-emphasize their roles. For us, this means listening to our customers and really understanding what drives them so we can suggest the best solution to help them realize their vision.

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Why we're sponsoring : 

We are excited to sponsor and attend another CiviCRM Conference because of the great experiences we have had at previous conferences. We've found learning opportunities, sharing opportunities, and new connections in the vital and highly collaborative CiviCRM community.

We are excited to talk about our development on the CiviVolunteer Extension, what is on the roadmap ahead, and how your organization can use it now.

See you there!