From zero to success: deploying CiviCRM the right way

Nicolas Ganivet

This presentation will focus on the elements necessary for a successful CiviCRM deployment, from planning to launch and beyond.

We will break down the planning, setup, launch and ongoing maintenance phases into major tasks, define each task in detail and share relevant advice and best practices for each. The importance of change management and a progressive approach based on rolling successes will be outlined. We will also discuss the team, time and resources needed for a successful deployment, as well as the pros and cons of doing it yourself versus working with an implementer.

This workshop draws from Cividesk’s experience managing dozens of successful deployments and ongoing support for many different nonprofit organizations throughout the world.

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Short Description: 
What are the elements of a successful CiviCRM deployment, from planning to launch and beyond?
Session Length: 
1hr 15min
Not CMS-specific
The Cable Center
Delaplaine Newsroom