CiviCRM/Drupal Integration Showcase

Mark Hanna

Integration between CiviCRM and Drupal is tighter than ever before.  New/updated modules are available which open new approaches to design and development for Drupal/CiviCRM developers and implementers.  Used in combination with existing Drupal modules, site builders can creating custom, responsive interfaces like never before.

Views in Dashlets

Create Drupal views which will become available as CiviCRM dashlets.  Learn how to create your own custom dashlet content in 15 minutes!

Views CiviCRM Expose Tables

This module will be released near the time of CiviCon. Views CiviCRM Exposed Tables exposes any table in the CiviCRM database to Views.  Learn how to harness any CiviCRM data in Drupal Views.

CiviCRM Entity

There's been a lot of new development for the CiviCRM Entity 2.x module version.  Learn about what's on the horizon for this powerful module.

New features include

  • Exposing CiviCRM entities as Drupal entities, many more added in 2.x
  • CivCRM entity Drupal "view" displays,  with Display Suite integration visibility and formatter capability
  • Add Drupal fields to CiviCRM entities
  • Drupal based edit and delete pages for the exposed CiviCRM Entities
  • Display Suite Forms integration for creating custom Drupal-based edit forms
Session type: 
Short Description: 
The CiviCRM/Drupal Integration showcase will highlight new and updated modules and methods for creating custom interfaces to CiviCRM data.
Session Length: 
1hr 15min
The Cable Center
Bresnan Boardroom