CiviHR - 2015 progress and roadmap


The CiviHR project has been running at full steam for the past 6 months, working up to a planned full product launch in late 2015.

Version 1.5 beta will be available soon after CiviCON Denver, where you can get a first hands on with the latest development version. The session will cover a first look at the new features for v1.5 (listed below), a walk through of whats planned for v1.6 and some details of the longer term roadmap.

For those who are finding HR a headache for their organisation, or are already considering CiviHR, or just plain want to know what all the fuss is about, this is the session for you!


V1.5 - Walkthrough

- The self service portal

Staff now have a self service portal where they can login to request leave, report sickness, update their details, search the staff directory and much more.

- Job contract histories

The Job contracts module has been updated to have a full audit history, support for term changes to have effective dates in the past or future and an improved user interface.

- Tasks and assignments

Tasks and assignments have been given a complete overhaul with a completely new task management extension which sits on top of the existing CiviCRM activity structure.

For more details see the project wiki page here:

and details of version 1.5 here (including wireframes and user stories):

Temporary video:

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CiviHR - 2015 progress and roadmap
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1hr 15min
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