Hands-on: a membership renewal campaign with CiviCRM

Susan Engeman

This workshop will, from a project management perspective, go over the steps needed to create a successful membership renewal campaign with CiviCRM. We will go over defining the campaign, planning, execution, progress monitoring and reporting. We will see how CiviCRM can help in each of these phases and by doing so revisit advanced searches, smart groups, managing duplicates, emailing including tokens, membership management and reporting.

The workshop will feature extensive hands-on with CiviCRM and engage participants to draw from their experiences.

The learnings from this workshop would be equally applicable to a fundraising campaign, event promotion/registration campaign or any other campaign implemented with CiviCRM.

Session type: 
Short Description: 
Plan and execute a successful membership renewal campaign with CiviCRM
Session Length: 
1hr 15min
Not CMS-specific
The Cable Center
Saeman Briefing Room