CiviCRM at CiviCRM - eating our own dog food

Josh Gowans
Michael McAndrew

At CiviCRM we eat our own dog food - we use CiviCRM to run critical parts of our infrastructure, including: our fundraising campaigns; our membership program; our conferences and events; our monthly newsletter and so on. This session will take a look at how we do that.  You should come along to:

  • pick up tips and tricks for your projects based on some of the clever things that we are doing at CiviCRM
  • ensure you can take advantage of opportunities for collaboration with CiviCRM
  • better understand how the CiviCRM project is organised and sustains itself
  • chat with us about the roles that you can play in moving the project forward
  • try some of our dog food.

Session run by Josh Gowans (CiviCRM's fundraiser) and Michael McAndrew (CiviCRM's community manager).

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At CiviCRM we eat our own dog food - come to this session to learn how we make it, and to try some!
The Cable Center
Malone Theater