Forena Reports: Complementing CiviReport with a Business Intelligence report system

Eliot Mason

CiviReport is great - it does a huge number of complex reports, has a lot of configuration options and is tightly integrated with CiviCRM.  But every organization or client seems to have a particular reporting need - and we turn to using Views, Jasper  (or other BI software) or writing custom reports in CiviCRM.  If PHP isn't your thing but MySQL is, then Drupal sites have another reporting arrow in their quiver: Forena Reports. 

Some things that Forena allows you to do:

  • combine data from multiple tables and sources ... even if they aren't Drupal or CiviCRM tables. 
  • build custom parameter drop-downs
  • use live field data as a parameter
  • create Cross-Tab reports in a snap
  • easily link reports to provide a drill-down interface

This session is based on an actual implementation of Forena with CiviCRM and will cover the basics of how Forena works, its advantages, and its drawbacks.

Session type: 
Short Description: 
BI Reporting in CiviCRM with Forena Reports
Session Length: 
1hr 15min
The Cable Center
Saeman Briefing Room