Making the case for CiviCRM

Neil Planchon

A deeply informative and facilitated conversation with a panel of 2-3 end-users, who have already deployed CiviCRM, openly sharing the internal conversations and processes they engaged in with their organization to have CiviCRM become and remain the solution.  

At the end of this session attendees will have heard some real-life stories and get inspired by how to “Make the case for CiviCRM” in their organizations.  

Proposed outline and questions:

  • Before CiviCRM
    • What was it like?
    • How were things going?
    • What caused the need for something different?
  • Needs Assessment:
    • What needs fixing or improving? Specifically...
    • What is making life difficult?
  • CiviCRM is vehicle to get to destination
    • What does destination look like?
    • What if so and so were possible?
  • How does CiviCRM align with and honor your mission?
    • Dealing with Beliefs and Mindset
  • Financial Considerations
    • Creating a budget
    • Getting started and keeping going
    • What challenges exist and ways to overcome them

Panel members will be end-users that have already funded, deployed & are using CiviCRM in their own organization.

Session type: 
Short Description: 
Making the case for funding and using CiviCRM in your organization
Session Length: 
Not CMS-specific
The Cable Center
Malone Theater